cutting edge

Reducing your cost,
Cycle time, space required


Cutter head

Both turning and polygon cutting are carried out at the same machine.

  • The  unique integration of CNC polygon machine with basic CNC lathe function for turning and polygon cutting are carried out at the same machine. Saving factory floor area, labor and the time for transportation and operation.
  • Variety polygon cutting can be performed by CNC control system and X & Z axis driven by servo motors.
  • Copying polygon cutting without conventional profitting attachment, unlimited contouring.
  • Rigid construction, high performance.

型號 Model UNIT FC-65NCL  /  65NC
加工能力 Capacity    
最大旋徑 Max.swing ∅ mm  
最大加工直徑 Max.turning diameter ∅ mm 50
最大加工長度 Max.turning length mm 100
兩心間距離 Distance between centers mm 200
主軸 Spindle    
最高轉速 Max.speed rpm  3000  /  500
主軸鼻端 Spindle nose   A2-6
主軸孔徑 Spindle bore ∅ mm 65
棒材通孔 Bar capacity ∅ mm 45  /  50
進給速度 Feedrate    
X,Z軸 X/Z axis rapid traverse M/min 12
行程 Stroke    
X 軸行程 X axis stroke mm 60
Z 軸行程 Z axis stroke mm 120
刀塔 Turret    
刀塔數 No. of turret unit -
刀塔型式 Turret type servo -
外徑刀具 O.D. tool shank ⧠ mm -
內徑刀具 I.D. tool shank ∅ mm -
切角刀盤 Turret    
刀盤型式 Polygon cutter type   FASTCUT
刀具尺寸 Tool size ⧠ mm 16 x 16
馬達 Motors    
主軸馬達 Spindle motor KW 7.5  /  4.4
X 軸馬達 Servo motor, X axis KW 1  /  0.6
Z 軸馬達 Servo motor, Z axis KW 1  /  0.6
油壓幫浦 Hydraulic pump HP 2  /  1
潤滑油幫浦 Lubrication pump W 25  /  6
切削液馬達 Coolant pump KW 0.2
機械尺寸 Machine size    
長度 Length mm 2970  /  1800
寬度 Width mm 1800  /  1740
高度 Height mm 1930  /  1600
淨重 Net weight kgs 3500  /  2500
毛重 Gross weight kgs 4000  /  3000
  • Specifications are subject to change withour further notice。


   FC-65NCL FC-65NC 
全罩外套 Full guard
冷卻系統 Coolant system
電控冷氣機 Air conditioner
操作面板 Operator panel
工具箱 Tools for set up
氣/油壓系統 Pneumatic / Hyd. Systerr
警示燈 Tower light
照明燈 Work light
排屑機 Chip conveyor -
鐵屑車 Chip buket
車刀頭 Cutter head
強力油壓夾 Hydraulic power chunk


   FC-65NCL FC-65NC 
夾頭 Chuck
夾具 Collet
控制器 -FANUC
尾座 Tailstock
動力刀塔 Power milling - -
自動送料系統 Auto load & unload system